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World Aids Day Event

HAPPY’s service goal is to prevent HIV infection and prevent the transmission of HIV among high risk individuals.HIV Awareness Promoting Prevention for You (HAPPY) is a service to prevent and reduce the impact of HIV stigma and discrimination. HAPPY service started July 1st of 2016. It is a service of Access to Wholistic and Productive Living Institute, Inc. located at 3611 43rd Ave., Colmar Manor MD 20722.

We Offer:

– Confidential counseling

– Uplifting and open communication

– One-on-one sessions

– Emotional support

– A safe and non-judgmental environment

– Flexible hours

We aim to prevent the incidence of HIV infection through health education, screening, and contact notification.

HAPPY offers one-on-one and group sessions
that are resourceful, uplifting, and provide a listening ear.

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Call for available hours (240)-467-6215 or email Ms. Valora Bishop

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