CHW Student Satisfaction Survey

CHW Student Evaluation Form
Instructor Name
Instructor Name
Coordinator Name
Coordinator Name

The Purpose:

1. What is your primary motivation for taking this course?
2. How much experience do you have on the subject?
3. What's the Highest Level of Education you've completed?
4. How interested are you in taking more classes?

The Instructor:

Please indicated to what degree you agree or disagree with the following statements.
5. Made the objectives clear at the beginning of the course
6. Was prepared for each session
7. Knew the subject matter well
8. Knew the subject matter well
9. Explained the material clearly
10. Used visual aides and handouts effectively
11. Presented the material at a comfortable pace
12. Made the course a stimulating experience
13. Was responsive to questions and comments
14. Started and ended class on time

The Course:

15. Length was appropriate
16. Was at the right level for me
17. Was logically organized
18. Text book and other materials helped me understand better
20. Helped me enhance my career potential

My Overall Evaluation of the Class:

21. The course objectives were met
22. The training met my expectations
22. I would recommend this training for others in my position

The Facility:

23. Was conveniently located
24. Was appropriate and properly equipped
23. Was pleasant and environmentally comfortable
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Name (optional)
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