Over the past nine years, to maintain a clear vision of improving population health outcomes, advancing health equity and building healthier communities, Access to Wholistic and Productive Living Inc., developed the Community Transformation at its Best (C-TAB) initiative. To deliver consistent, effective and impactful population health and wellness services, AWPLI recruited and built a Strategic Management Team (SMT). The team consists of highly trained and fully certified specialists and experts across the public health industry’s key disciplines that are passionate about delivering value-based care, preserving wellness, and preventing disease. The SMT leverages communication, technology and data in
a meaningful way. This action is coordinated through the development, utilization and implementation of policies, systems and/or environmental driven strategies.

These strategies are engraved into C-TAB value-based care service deliverables using preventive approaches, and reliable evaluation of PSE data (CDC- Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health- process and outcome). The C-TAB team of wraparound service providers are also effective in improving health outcomes, driving down healthcare costs (triple aim, value-based care), delivering optimal healthcare services and improving quality and productivity.

The team actions collectively engage in a community impact approach that included resident, organizations, coalitions, networks, public officials, government entities and progressive movements, mobilizing residents through facts, experiences, analysis and critical thinking while equally engaging through their deepest aspirations.

Community Transformation at its Best© Outreach Community Service Initiative Program deliverables are impactful, engaging, and effective and some are listed as follows:

  • Programs and policy(s) development, implementation and evaluations
  • Technical support in capacity building
  • Opportunities for environmental improvements
  • Health information distribution in vast communication networks
  • Community outreach, education and information goal and action driven,
  • Accessible and available database of noted affordable health and quality health care services
  • Strategies for recruiting, educating and investing in community leaders protocol
  • Partnership building and sustaining collaborations
  • Technical support in building and sustaining multiple community coalitions and civic
  • Community impact health assessment strategies and activities (data management and analysis)
  • Training professionals for developing and conducting health improvement plan
  • Organizational leadership training
  • Promotion and implementation of Community Health Workers intervention integrated in various
    social care communities and settings
  • Training curriculum for Community Health Workers and continuing education
  • Aligning of multiple systems in support of community transformation activity
  • Promotion and delivery of client-centered health and wellness services
  • Care coordinated services (in-home visits)
  • Delivery of an available protocol for the implementation and evaluation of “community care”
    (social environments) high quality care
  • Efficient and reliable data management and evaluation processes (outcome, process)
  • Team of experts that are skilled in providing technical support in capacity building
  • Best practices and evidence based practices integrated in the framework of C-TAB services
  • Effective engagement of key stakeholders, diverse communities and individuals
  • Gathering and utilization of credible evidence
  • Protocol of lessons learned

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