The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition


The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition was formed in 2014, as a program initiative of Access to Wholistic and Productive Living, Inc. We are dedicated to creating a drug free culture of health within our community. Our members include community stakeholders, law enforcement, parents, youth, and government officials. The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition was established to provide leadership opportunities to youth ages 12 to 18, living and or attending schools within Prince Georges County, Maryland. Our goal is that every youth council member will be equipped to become agents of change in their homes, schools, and their communities

Drug and alcohol addiction not only continues to soar within our community, but it has managed to overtake the lives of our youth. The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition is determined to combat this crisis by engaging, involving, advocating, increasing knowledge and bringing awareness of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug abuse issues through education and prevention interventions, in order to build a healthy, safe and drug free community. Our vision is to prepare the next generation of leadership for Prince George’s County locally and nationally. Our youth are our now!

The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition creates programs, forums, and summits that focus on drug and alcohol abuse prevention. We pride ourselves on educating children, young adults, parents, and members of the community, in order to assist Prince George’s County residents with preventing, refraining from the use of harmful drugs, underage alcohol, and tobacco use. The Coalition provides a foundation for growth that will lead to the development of strong character, accountability, and integrity as a youth leader. It is important for us to provide opportunities for the youth as they mature, so they are able to explore life’s possibilities, and their personal plan for their lives. We focus on the vital role of families, friends, media, businesses, and communities as they pertain to the problem and solution. The Promise Neighborhoods Drug Free Coalition supports other drug free coalitions through partnerships and collaborations. Together we can create a drug free community.  Help DFC reach our goal by getting involved!  OR view our resource page and upcoming events.

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